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Hawkins Cookers Limited has been in business since 1959. Hawkins has sold over 50 million pressure cookers worldwide. Today, it has two offices, three factories and about 900 persons employed. It is the leader in the pressure cooker market in India and has exported its products since 1974 to various countries in each of the six continents of the world. Hawkins Cookers Limited is engaged in the manufacturing, trading and sale of kitchenware. It makes 65 different models of pressure cookers of eight different types. All Hawkins pressure cookers are listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc., USA which is a not-for-profit institution testing products for public safety.

Hawkins offers 65 different pressure cooker models in three different brands – Hawkins, Futura and Miss Mary. In total, considering all brands and sub-brands together, Hawkins makes 10 different types of pressure cookers.

The Classic is Hawkins’ largestselling, most popular range of pressure cookers, thanks to its attractive combination of features, benefits and price. This range was the first to be introduced by Hawkins and has been kept up to date by numerous innovations and improvements over the years. The latest improvement, introduced in 2005, is a superior pressure regulating system that controls pressure to a narrower, more efficient range which reduces sprouting of frothy foods (such as dal).

Each pressure cooker made by Hawkins features an inside fitting lid. This design is inherently safer than conventional pressure cookers. To open any Hawkins cooker, you have to first lower the lid slightly into the body of the cooker; and that cannot be done until the steam pressure inside the cooker falls to a safe level. Thus Hawkins pressure cookers are pressure-locked for safety like a jetliner door!

The Hawkins Company is well known for not compromising on quality and for continual product innovation. The most thorough research and development, the most careful selection of materials, the best manufacturing practices and the strictest quality control – all go into making pressure cookers which are trusted by millions of families using them.

Each cooker is tested to be leakproof. Along with a superior pressure regulating system, this ensures that Hawkins pressure cookers cook the fastest.

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