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Reliance JIO: WCRC India’s Inspirational Brands 2019

Reliance JIO: WCRC India’s Inspirational Brands 2019

Product/Service Offering: Telecom and Digital Services

Registered & Head Office: Mumbai

Country of Origin: India

Company Vision:

To empower each and every Indian with the power of data

  1. Company Mission:To bring every Indian on digital platform through world class technology at the most affordable price
  2. Ethos of the brand:

    Best Brands in India: Reliance Jio promises to shape the future of India by providing end-to-end digital solutions for businesses, institutions and households and seamlessly bridging the rural-urban divide.

    Connected Intelligence

    The unique value proposition of the Product

    In less than 170 days of its launch, more than 100 million customers signed up for Jio’s services. This was the fastest adoption of any technology service anywhere in the world. Jio disrupted the industry with its differentiated offering which included free voice calls, largest digital content library, most affordable data rates etc. Brand Jio established an emotional connect with Indian people, who enjoyed Jio’s innovative products and transparent services with a sense of pride and confidence. Jio is able to provide these services through investment in cutting edge 4G technology.

    Reliance Jio wins WCRC India's Inspirational Brands

    Reliance JIO receiving WCRC India’s Inspirational Brands from Lord Swraj Paul an Prof. Malcolm McDonald in London at the WCRC Global Indian Excellence Summit

    The physical, character and personality attributes of the brand that have evoked and inspired consumers’ self-expression and personal identity?

    Jio has built a Digital Connectivity Platform of unparalleled capacity and a nation-wide reach. Jio currently has over 240 mn customers and enabled digital life for each customer through its unique products and services. Jio has catapulted India to 1st rank in mobile broadband penetration from 155th rank.

    Jio means to LIVE, it signifies freedom to enjoy digital life at most affordable rates to Indian customers. Jio’s innovative products and simple and transparent services, made Jio brand resonate with the Indian customers. Jio brand has instill a sense of confidence and pride among Indian consumers which continue to enjoy a worry-free digital life.

    Insight into the brand marketing strategies that have effectively penetrated consumers’ psyche, established a meaningful relationship with the target audiences and ensured positive brand perception.

    Jio is customer-obsessed organization and walks extra mile in serving them every single day. Jio undertook multiple brand marketing strategies to establish its brand. Jio was launched with free services for faster customer adoption and successfully undertook initiatives for the largest migration from free to paid services. Brand positioning and communication have focused on establishing Jio as a player committed to providing quality digital services at the most affordable price. Brand positioned itself to provide digital empowerment through product and service which would touch all aspects of consumers life – be it communication, entertainment, security etc.

    Internet advertising and social networking? What is the level of significance the brand accords to utilizing social media as a competitive edge?

    DNA of Jio is digital. Its digital platform with over 240 million customers, makes it one of the best placed brands to fully utilize internet and social media. The large digital base allows Jio to place smart and targeted advertisements / offers to its customers. The platform enables it to reach out to a large customer base in real time and at a fraction of cost. Jio utilizes its digital platform not just for advertising but also to enable digital fulfilment of sale, thus, maximizing campaign effectiveness. All marketing and branding campaigns run by Jio are launched on internet and social media.

    Key marketing endeavors in the past decade that have been landmark initiatives in reinforcing the legacy of the brand’s promise to influence consumer intent and enhanced the brand’s propensity to drive affirmative consumer action

    Jio has regularly reinforced its brand promise of affordable digital life for consumer. Jio is committed to fulfilling ‘Digital India’ vision by digitally empowering Indian citizens. JioPhone was launched at effective ownership price of Rs 0 to cater to feature phone users who have been left out of the digital revolution. Jio Monsoon Hungama brought down initial deposit for JioPhone to effective price of Rs. 501 and continued with monthly plan at as low as Rs 49. JioPostpaid reinforced our commitment to offer services at transparent and most affordable rates. With every new product that Jio launches it cements its brand promise of providing digital empowerment at the most affordable price.


    Sustainable differentiating strategy adding to long-term brand equity?

    Jio is determined to connect everyone and everything, everywhere – always at the highest quality and the most affordable price. Jio’s investment in technology and infrastructure provides it with sustainable differentiator. Jio has provided customers with India’s only full 4G network offering a superior service and VoLTE voice which provides crystal clear voice calling. Also, with population coverage of 99% by 2018, Jio has become the largest mobile data network in the world. The network is built to support video viewing by millions of people concurrently at fastest 4G speeds anywhere in the country.

    Key leadership values that drives the brand

    Jio is committed to digital empowerment of India. Jio’s leadership believes that this would be achieved in three ways – Connectivity, Data Affordability and Device Affordability. Jio is a data strong network built for the internet from the ground up with highest speeds providing connectivity to 99% of the population by 2018. Further, Jio offers data services at affordable prices so that advanced services like video calling, mobile video and mobile applications are easily accessible to each and every person in the country. Also to support the critical issue of bridging the digital divide, affordable device JioPhone has been launched.

    Employee satisfaction programs

    The Employee satisfaction programs touches both hygiene and motivational aspects. At the core of this lies Son-of-the-soil policy that aims to align recruitment and rotations in a way that provides employee an opportunity to stay close to their family and place where they belong from.
    Some of the practices are:

    1. Feel welcome and comfortable (Paperless Joining, On-boarding with click of button)
    2. Speak (Skip Levels, One-on-Ones, Town Halls, Gate Meetings (HR aapke Dwaar)),
    3. Connect and Celebrate (Family Day, Key Personal Milestones(
    4. Participate (Hobby Groups, Newsletters)
    5. Engage (Jio Talks, Celebrity Visits, Discussion forums)
    6. Get recognized (Recognition events, Kudos Cards)
    7. Contribute (CSR Activities)
    8. Feel Pride and get Inspired (Jio Champions, Living Digital Mindset)
    9. Upskill and Progress (continual training programs, development centers)
    10. Feel Supported (“Be there” is the Jio Mantra, Employee friendly and fair policies, Best-in-class Insurance Coverage, Refers Helpline, Time-bound Grievance Redressal mechanisms, Time bound

Jio togetherBrand emphasis on employee training & development

Training is recognized and valued by management as integral part of Business. It is seen as a way to drive sustainability and robustness in the business. As a process level intervention, regular Academy meetings are conducted with Functional Training SPOCs as well as State Training SPOCs across Geography. Business appreciates the technical, experiential and leadership programs that are driven as part of Training and Development.

For all critical Jobs, Ready For Role trainings are mapped which provides clarity to employees as to what they need to do and which trainings they need to attend and pass in order to move from one role to another. These trainings help in vertical as well as lateral movements and hence involve cross-functional trainings and / or education assistance as well.

Accelerated Leadership Program – In this program, high performing and high potential employees are identified and put on fast track development path.

Jio Learning Live is the live cast of trainings that happen every day. Employees can join these via Jio Learning App.


The most effective intangible motivational tools for employees

Jio Champions features two-minute video of employee’s success stories. The videos are shared across with all employees. While this initiative help in sharing best practices and inspirational stories it also helps in motivating and instilling a sense of pride who achieved the success

Dronacharya provides an opportunity for Subject matter experts and internal trainers to volunteer and participate in conducting training programs. The Dronacharyas take session on the topics on which they have a command over. Dronacharya program not only help in channelizing knowledge content available with SMEs in a useful direction but also motivates SMEs with sense of accomplishment.

Career Progression Plan for cadres and key critical roles helps in providing clear growth path to employees and help them plan for the same. Well defined career track helps in keeping the employee motivated to aspire and put efforts for the next level of opportunity available to them.

CSR activities.

Jio as a part of Reliance family, engages in CSR activities through Reliance Foundation. Reliance Foundation has taken the path of inclusive development to address the basic needs of the vulnerable sections of the society. Since inception, Reliance Foundation has transformed lives of 20 million people in over 13,000 villages and various urban locations. Reliance Foundation focuses on these core pillars – Rural Transformation, Education, Health, Urban Renewal and Arts, Culture & Heritage.



  1. Jio brand launch in Sep 2016, registered a 100 mn subscriber on its platform in less than 6 month. Making it fastest adoption of any technology service anywhere in the world.
  2. Prior to Jio launch, India ranked 155th in the world in terms of mobile broadband penetration. In a short span of time Jio has helped India reach rank no. 1.
  3. Mobile data consumption in India rose from a meager 20 GB per month on 2016 to 350 GB per month in 2018
  4. Data tariff fell from Rs 250 per GB to Rs 15 per GB post Jio’s launch. Thus, making data accessible to all.
  5. Reliance Jio has been ranked as the top company globally on Fortune’s ‘Change The World’ list that ranked companies using the profit motive to help the planet and tackle social problems.
  6. JioPhone launched to bring Indian masses on Jio’s platform became largest selling feature phone in the world in Q1-2018. It continues to be market leaders in India across all the phone segments


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