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Shazé India

shaze-logoShazé is a premium lifestyle and gifting brand dedicated to providing the most discerning clients with finest pieces from around the world. It is about self expression and poised to offer clients a unique and diversified service to help design that perfect urban high street lifestyle.

All shazé creations are one-ofa- kind and hold the answers for lifestyle needs. With stores pan-India, shazé boasts a line-up of jewelry, perfume, candle, scarves, watches, wrist bands, home décor, silverware, leather ware and religious idols, assuring something for everyone. Each creation is handpicked with a keen eye on subtlety, finesse, craftsmanship and uniqueness to keep with the demands of connoisseur clientele.

Shazé offerings are one-of-itskind with each product telling a story of its own. With expertise in retail, it understands the needs of the consumer better than anyone else. To support their expertise, they have added a team of young and vibrant professionals who are aware of the changing consumer needs, which allows them to stay ahead and launch trendsetting products.

shazé is an iconic brand which uses highly innovative and creative campaigns in establishing superior brand position. It aims to embark on an aggressive retail expansion through multiple formats having 17 outlets PAN India, and many more in the pipeline. The brand has established a base of quality with the consumers thus, building a strong connect with the brand. The diversity of product at great value gives an opportunity to break away from the mundane offerings.shaze-image

Innovation is a way of life at shazé. They believe that design is a living form and thus must constantly evolve. Therefore, they put great effort in creating bold and edgy design that delivers quality to the customers. It is this very culture that has led to tremendous success of the brand. According to them, building a brand is a long term exercise which requires great attention to detail, quality and consistency. From store layout and packaging to visual merchandising, the brand exudes a true international look and feel in its presentation to the consumer.

Shazé aims to be relevant to the ever-changing and dynamic demands of consumers by offering products that become a mode of self-expression. Thus they strongly believe in protecting their designs by patenting them and delivering to a level where the consumer will take the assurance of superior quality. The brand believes that the key driver to growth in the business is to deliver true value to the consumer.

Power Facts
ƒYear of Establishment of the Brand: 2001
ƒƒShazé wants to be a major player in the e-commerce as well as retail business

ƒƒShazé aspires to be a global lifestyle brand by partnering with the finest talents from around the world to create world – class designs and become the ultimate expression of lifestyle.
ƒƒShazé’s philosophy has always been about design and the launch of ‘erbi’-design studio, is the first step in giving consumers extra ordinary experience through its products.

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