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Godrej’s HIT was launched in January 1991. Then available in just one variant – flying insect killer (Black HIT), the product was launched in a first of its kind do-ityourself aerosol format in India. Later, in December the crawling insect killer (Red HIT) variant was also introduced in the market.

While the former provided onestop solution to all the air borne diseases, the latter was effective in fighting against the infections born on surface. Both of them became an instant ‘hit’ in the market. The Black HIT could successfully drive out mosquitoes from home with its special formulation, thereby reducing the risk of malaria, dengue and other airborne vector diseases.

With its unique formulation and nozzle design, Red HIT helps in getting rid of cockroaches and other insects by killing them instantly. It has a special ‘seek and kill’ applicator which reaches into the remotest cracks and crevices, where creepy crawlers can hide. With the aim to offer a superior, effective solution, Godrej’s HIT has always come up with innovative ways to make their products easy-to-use, safe and affordable. It has helped every home-maker to win their battle against pests and diseases.

Over the years, with emerging technology and science, HIT has devised various other applicators to help fight against the diseases. To move on from the image of just being a spray, HIT came out with anti-roach killer, cockroach chalk killer and rat cake. HIT anti roach gel, the latest addition to its line of products, has generated much curiosity among the consumers seeking its application.

It is a gel based product with special ingredients that attracts cockroaches and kills them. It can provide relief for upto 45 days from its last day of application. Apart from its product range, HIT has always come out with the out-of-the box marketing campaigns. Starting from its first TV commercial in 1994 to its current ‘Kill it, before it kills you’ on-air promotion and the simple message of ‘bhagao nahi maro’, it has effectively glorified the reasons for killing a mosquito instead of just making it to fly away.

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