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alu-decor-logoThe journey of Aludecor since its inception in 2004 is a saga of success and constant qualitative advancements. Aludecor with its several vibrant and unique products has given the designer fraternity an opportunity to give shape to stunning building styles

Resting on the rich credentials of its parent organisation, Aludecor has set new parameters in the national market of Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) and Coated Coils. It has always strived to come up with designs that stand out of the ordinary in terms of colour, texture, thickness, size and finish. Through constant technological innovations, Aludecor has set new standards of quality and introduced a new aesthetic quotient.

Aludecor’s Firewall – the fire retardant brand which resists fire for 2 hours, doesn’t lead to flash over, produces negligible smoke, and zero flaming droplets – was introduced with the view to combat the fire menace in high-rises.
Aludecor’s commitment to a green society is rigorously followed in its manufacturing and production processes. Impurities produced during the manufacturing process are removed by an effluent treatment plant and only after the water is free of contaminants it is channelized to the Sidcul drainage for further cleaning. The USP of the brand is strong backward integration which is so much essential to deliver consistent quality in this product space.alu-decor-image

Aludecor believes in “Minimum Supervision, Maximum Empowerment” theory when it comes to treating its employees to raise their bar of performance. Aludecor offers a plethora of choices and continues to encourage smart imaginative designing. Aludecor Special Series products like Timber, Sand, Rustic, Stone, Crinkle and Sparkling, Embossed and Magik have been conceived to suit the needs of the architectural fraternity.

Aludecor is in itself a breakthrough of technology developed by its research experts to give its customers the unmatched standards for their requirements. The increasing demand of customized ACP drives the axle of innovation at Aludecor. ‘Aludecor offers a versatile range of unique and patented digital-technology enabled finishes and designs. Robust in-house R&D is backed by international quality labs. In tandem with the current wave of customization its Stone Series ACP gives the building that authentic natural look without putting extra load on the structure.

Aludecor have always adhered to the qualitative norms in their quest for excellence. Continuous research, unparalleled service and a strict vigil on its products have earned it a pride of place in India’s ACP market. The dedicated effort of all its efficient and hardworking team has created the differential and helped Aludecor dominate the market.

Power Facts
ƒƒDirect Chill Processed Aluminium Alloy ensures Best Workability, Flexibility and Minimal Crack Risks
ƒƒ Unmatched Product Flatness ensuring enhanced aesthetics
ƒƒ Highest Gloss Retention ensured by internationally accepted 70:30 ratio of the PVDF and acrylic resins in PVDF coating.
ƒƒ Unparalleled brilliance in metallic shades ensured by Steel Applicator Roll

ƒƒDouble Coat Double Bake Line ensures zero elongation cracks on primer and paint surfaces.
ƒƒ No lead poisoning owing to the use of lead free paints
ƒƒ Green steps ensure that buildings qualify for LEED Credits MR 4.1, MR 4.2 and ID 1.1 to 1.4
ƒƒ Withstands extreme weather conditions due to high-end coating technology

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