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Introduced in 2011 by Great Foods and Beverages Pvt. Ltd, Frutchill is a frozen fruit bar with the goodness of natural juice and the freshness of an ice-cream. It appears as a new option in the market criss-crossing categories of juices and ice creams. Frutchill comes in five flavours – strawberry, mango, nimbu, grapes and litchi.

It is made by a unique process of water treatment, including pasteurisation, making it ultrapure for consumption. A very high quality laminate along with the double packing ensures the hygiene of the product and safety for the consumers.

Frutchill attracts children, teens, young adults and ice-cream and juice lovers in a fun and innovative way. The brand is innovative and so is its approach. Frutchill is growing steadily through minimal marketing but high investment on consumer awareness.

Frutchill has been delivering fun and refreshment coupled with goodness of added vitamin and minerals for kids. Frutchill believes in ‘fun for kids in most refreshing and innovative way’.

It caters to the needs of every child through its special packaging which is inspired from various fruits and flavours. Along with the packaging, the price points have been kept in a way that every child can enjoy the taste and a bite of Frutchill which adds to the childhood fun. Frutchill not only brings the best of kids’ choice in the form of frozen fruit bar, it also addresses the concern of parents towards their child’s health by using ultra pasteurised water to form the bar, adding vitamins and minerals for fortification and using double plastic packaging to ensure hygiene and safety for kids while they are relishing Frutchill anytime, anywhere.

Merely priced at Rs 5 and Rs 10 a piece, Frutchill envisions being the most loved and most consumed brands among children. Frutchill has been tremendously successful since its launch in Delhi-NCR. It currently has a market share of about four per cent in the ice-cream category with a total revenue exceeding Rs 30 million. The company envisages to capture 20 per cent of the total ice-cream market in the next five years. Frutchill has set aside 10-12 per cent of its annual budget for the marketing and promotion of the product. Their points of purchase are the innovatively designed icecream trolleys and push-carts which go places to sell the ice-cream while effectively promoting Frutchill at the same time.

The trolleyman also sports a unique identity by wearing a cap and a uniform especially designed to convey the brand image, making it their key promotion measure. Currently, it accounts for the sale of more than 50,000 units a day within Delhi-NCR. The brand aims to widen its geographical presence.

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