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sanjay-ghodawatThe Sanjay Ghodawat Group has quietly been doing the impossible for more than a decade by transforming lives and providing hope. It has been ploughing back into society with intent and vigour, always with an eye on the future.

Blaze of Brilliance
Ghodawat Consumer Products has entered the consumer products category with its ‘STAR’ brand. Headquartered in Kolhapur- Maharashtra, India; the SG Group has turned conventional wisdom upside down by leveraging the lower cost of land and the availability of dedicated manpower to more than offset the increased cost of logistics resultant from being located away from the industrial concentrations. As a result each company within the group delivers high value products economically.

Faith Factor
Star being a part of Sanjay Ghodawat Group is associated with Trust and Reliability. For more than a decade the group has focused on providing high quality products to consumers. Customers are not hesitant in trying any new products launched by the brand as they believe that any product from the SG Group will be of the highest standards as customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to the brand.

Enagagement that Enthralls
It has been a hallmark of the Group that it has identified areas which will be greenfield in the future. It has used this uncanny capability of picking winners to create a substantial conglomerate that always enjoys the first mover advantage. Developing infrastructure and resources locally has been a key thrust area. By creating employment and opportunities locally, the Group has earned immense respect and loyalty from the local populace. The Group is now poised to go places by replicating its successful model in remaining parts of India and also plans to look globally for further opportunities.

India’s semi-urban and rural markets offered a natural and humongous opportunity for STAR. The Group leveraged its experience, insights, logistical strengths and networks to build a substantial business catering to those the others wouldn’t reach. The Stature of STAR brand in consumer products constitutes it as a significant player in the markets today and enjoys tremendous consumer loyalty and preference.

Brand Promise
Ghodawat Consumer Products is on the cusp of explosive growth into other products and regions and aims to become one of the largest consumer brands in the sub-continent. Positive brand goodwill gained over the years, allowed the brand to diversify and offer new products to the consumers.

Power facts
1. 2003: Year of establishment of the brand.
2. Approx 700: Total number of employees in the company.

Promise Beacon
1. Affordable Products.
2. Innovative Packaging.
3. Rural and Semi Urban Distribution.
4. Impeccable Quality & Hygiene Standards.
5. Use of Extremely High Quality Raw Materials.

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