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Singapore Power (SP) Group is a leading energy utility company in the Asia Pacific region.With assets worth around Singapore $35 billion, it is one of the largest corporations in Singapore. It owns and operates electricity, gas transmission and distribution businesses.


  • It is a leading energy utility company in the Asia Pacific
  • The Singapore Power Heartware Fund (SPHF) was set up in 2005 to help Singapore’s needy elderly people
  • The company offers various scholarships to students at various academic levels

Singapore Power was first incorporated as a commercial entity in October 1995 as Singapore Power and Gas but it was soon changed to Singapore Power.It was created to take over the electricity and gas businesses of the state provider, the Public Utilities Board. Since 1995, Temasek Holdings controls the entire company with a 100 per cent stake.
The company is driven by its passion to provide reliable and efficient energy utility services to enhance the economy and the overall quality of life. Committed to creating value for its customers, employees and shareholders, Singapore Power upholds the highest standards of service and performance. The company believes in teamwork and inculcates the values of supporting, respecting and trusting each other in its employees. They are taught to continually learn, and share ideas and knowledge.
The Singapore Power Heartware Fund (SPHF) was set up in 2005 to help Singapore’s needy elderly, with little or no caregiver support, lead dignified lives. In 2014, Singapore Power announced the expansion of the SPHF coverage beyond Home Help Service programmes to include all elderly social service programmes under the care of Community Chest.
Through the generous support of the public and the corporates, Singapore Power has since raised more than Singapore $8 million towards this cause to help the elderly.
The funds, raised till date, have been used for programmes that provide for basic needs of the elderly. These include the delivery of warm meals and transporting elderly beneficiaries to hospitals for medical appointments. Singapore Power underwrites all fund-raising costs of SPHF. Every penny of donation goes to the social service programmes for the elderly beneficiaries, administered by the Community Chest programme.
The company empowers the youth through various Singapore Power scholarships and programmes. It keeps looking for high flyers who exude confidence and capability, the indomitable never-say-die spirit. These career-minded individuals serve the company with passion and lead with integrity. The company offers Singapore Power Scholarship for ‘A’ Level / International Baccalaureate (IB)/ Polytechnic graduates, Singapore Power Mid Term Scholarship for university undergraduates, Singapore Power Nithiah Nandan Polytechnic Scholarship for current polytechnic students and Singapore Power Nithiah Nandan ITE Scholarship for current Nitec/Higher Nitec students.
International benchmark indicators rate SP’s electricity grid in Singapore as one of the world’s best performing networks, beating those of other global cities.SP owns and operates electricity and gas transmission and distribution businesses and provides energy market support services in Singapore and Australia.

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