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load“I was pleased when Abhimanyu Ghosh, Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of ‘Asia’s Most Promising Brands’ R ‘Leaders 2012-2013’, asked me to write the foreword for this book as he is doing very good work in promoting Asia and Asian brands.
He has great expertise in this area and is committed to promoting the best of Asian brands to a worldwide customer base.
Asia’s growth in the last 10 years has been immense, as has been its emergence as a global superpower.
‘Asia’s Most Promising Brands’ is an initiative to find the most promising brands from across the boundaries of the Indian subcontinent, South East Asia and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCCL In order to achieve this, World Consulting 8 Research Corporation, ibrands 360 and I(PMG (India) have worked together with an international panel to compile a list of the top 200 Asian brands”.
The importance of this enterprise cannot be overstated because there are a large number of great brands coming out of Asia which are world class and, with the right strategies, will be world leaders.
These 200 most promising brands from various Asian countries are perceived to be the brands of the future and will be striving to provide an even stronger footing for the Asian economy worldwide.
I felicitate these upcoming leaders of Asia in their mission to excel and reach the heights of success.
I also congratulate Abhimanyu Ghosh and his colleagues at ‘Asia’s Most Promising Brands’ on this initiative and for organising the Asian Brand and Leadership Summit which bears testimony to their eminence in business branding.

Lord Swaraj Paul, Chairman and Founder Caparo Group


“I congratulate WCRC Media, WCRC for this book and its efforts acknowledging Indian brands and leaders. Today, India is a highly


creative, efficient and passionate resource pool with a unique and unrivalled understanding of the market place, discerning consumers, brands and the landscape. I felicitate these upcoming leaders and brands in their mission to excel and reach the heights of success.I am honored to have been awarded “Pride of India” as “The Most Admired Actor 2016”.

Kareena Kapoor Khan, Indian Film Actor

“Bands from the UAE have been growing in popularity internationally. In a highly competitive business environment, building successful brands require robust strategy, skill, expertise and determination that deserve to be appreciated and revered. It has been an honour to be a part of such an extraordinary jury in the first edition of Asia’s Most Promising, the biggest multi-platform global project on brands and leaders that bring to light the Asian Super-Powers of tomorrow.”

– Ms. Priti Patel MP, British Member of Parliament

”My time working with such professional people in their efforts to identify Asia’s great brands of the future has been awe-inspiring for me. At the age of 75, I thought I had done and achieved most things in my professional life. How wrong I was ! This ranks at the very top of my professional career and is an experience I shall never forget.”

– Prof. Malcolm McDonald, Executive Chairman of the Jury Chairman, Malcolm McDonald International Ltd.

kabir“I am deeply honoured to receive this award for Pride of India’s Excellence in the field of Entertainment for “The Most Versatile Legendary Actor 2016″.
It feels great to have my whole body of work acknowledged. My career has certainly been versatile spanning 3 continents in three mediums of film, television and theatre. I came from theatre, entered the Indian film industry, ventured to Europe and became a star. It was the kind of success that actors dream of and I’ve been privileged to have experienced that.The Indian entertainment is vibrant and strong as ever. Cinema has given India all its popular music, united us with its universal messages and given joy to so many of us over the years. Bollywood today is a world-wide brand, and I’m proud to call it my home, even though I act all over the world.I wish to congratulateI Mr Abhimanyu Ghosh and his colleagues for their efforts and thank them for this award.”

Kabir Bedi, Actor

farhan“I am honored to have been awarded “Pride of India – Excellence in Entertainment Industry” as “The Most Impactful Actor 2016″. Revelling in the wealth of experience, the
entertainment industry with years of creativity, sweat, ambition and investment has ingrained innovation and passion. The conventional strong footing of the Entertainment Industry in the last few years has been immense and will be striving to provide an even stronger footing for the Asian economy, worldwide. I felicitate these upcoming leaders of Asia in their mission to excel and reach the heights of success.
I also congratulate Mr. Abhimanyu Ghosh and his colleagues on this initiative and for organising the Summit which bears testimony to their eminence in business branding”.

Farhan Akhtar, Director/Actor/Producer

zoya“I am deeply honoured to be awarded “Pride of India – Excellence in the field of entertainment”. I would like to thank
Mr. Abhimanyu Ghosh and his team at WCRC Media for this recognition. It is humbling and so encouraging to be acknowledged like this”.

Zoya Akhtar, Director

amish“I am honoured and humbled to have been awarded “Pride of India – Excellence in the field of Literature”, as the “Most Impactful Author 2016″.
Considering the seniority and achievements of the awardees in other categories, I must admit that receiving this award is a singular honour. This only encourages me to redouble my efforts to mine the wisdom of our ancient culture and communicate it through, hopefully, engaging stories.I would also like to congratulate Mr. Abhimanyu Ghosh and his team at WRC Media for this initiative at recognising those who are contributing to India in different fields”.

Amish Tripath, Author

poorva“I thank WCRC and Mr Ghosh for recognizing the lifesaving work of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India by honoring me with the “Pride of India- Excellence in the Field of Social Work ” award. PETA India operates under
the simple principle that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on or use for entertainment, while educating policymakers and the public about animal abuse and promoting an understanding of the right of all animals to be treated with respect. Through your appreciating our good work, more people will learn about PETA India and how they too can help animals, and thereby help us expand our work. Thank you once again, for helping us, and helping animals in this way”.

Poorva Joshipura, CEO PETA INDIA

veena“I am honoured to receive this award “Pride of India (Maharashtra) Special Contribution to the Field of Education. This award is a recognition of my efforts to promote gender equity through research, teaching and community development initiatives. I dedicate the award to the Research Centre for Women’s Studies, SNDT Women’s University. This Centre, which has shaped my work, has pioneered women’s studies into the University system to create a model of education that combines academic rigor with action for change. As I congratulate the other awardees for their pursuit of excellence in their respective fields, I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Abimanyu Ghosh and his colleagues for this excellent initiative. It is a reflection of WCRC’s eminence in business and branding”.

Veena Poonacha, Educationalist/ philanthropist

mahesh“It is a privilege to receive the award “Pride of India 2016 – Most Impactful Artist – Special contribution to Classical Music”. It is encouraging, gratifying and humbling all at once to receive the honor “Pride of India”. To serve and be able to impact a traditional art form that I truly love, while staying away in San Francisco for 15 years, is extremely reassuring and it reaffirms my belief in the traditional mantra of persistence, and purity of thought.
My sincere congratulations and best wishes to WCRC and Mr. Ghosh for this wonderful initiative”.

Mahesh Kale, Classical Vocalist

suntook“I wish to thank Mr Abhimanyu Ghosh for his efforts in recognising India’s leaders in different branches of endeavour. The Icons of India Award by WCRC is a fine way of recognising persons who have contributed in diverse fields of business, entertainment, sports and social activities. It is this type of encouragement which allows those chosen to excel further in their various area of speciality. I congratulate WCRC for a commendable job and wish them all success”.

Mr K N Suntook, Chairman NCPA

vasudha“I feel honoured to receive the award “Pride of India –Educationalist: Special contribution to the field of Education” by WCRC.
Today Higher education is going through a great transformation, new education policy, new pedagogies, integration of Information and Communication Technologies and such other trends are tremendously changing Higher education scenario. I feel fortunate to have led a 100 year old, the first and the largest Women’s University in India in such a time.There is a need for bringing innovative ideas into education. Such awards, such recognition of the contribution, inspires, motivates one to take a stronger leap.
I fully agree with Shri. Abhimanyu Ghosh when he says “Wherever there is heart, there is soul. And where there is soul, there would be victory.” I strongly believe in commitment and involvement in any task.
I thank Shri. Abhimanyu Ghosh and his team at WCRC for this wonderful experience”.

Prof.Vasudha Kamat, Ex Vice Chancellor SNDT University

priti“For all of us at Prerana, an award is not just an acknowledgement of what we do but more importantly it is an amplification of it. The work that we do – protecting rights, creating choices and safeguarding the dignity of women and children in red light areas is an issue that is marginalized. People prefer to deal with it in silences, avoiding glances and by wishing it away, when the opposite is what is needed. This award is a statement that the issue will not be ignored and I congratulate WCRC and Mr. Abhimanyu Ghosh for taking this step. We thank you for carrying our voices in front of a large audience and for kick starting what one hopes will be one more vital conversation around protecting some of the most vulnerable women and children in the city.
This award is dedicated in name of all the mothers in red light areas across Mumbai. They have been the fire and spirit behind the fight for rights and dignity, and continue to be so. They are the clay that have moulded beautiful, intelligent and sensitive children in one of the worst places in the city. They have been Preranas Prerana( inspiration) for over 30 years and all our achievements including this award belongs to them”.

Priti Patkar, Philanthropist, Founder Prerana

hiranandani“It is an honor, to be awarded “Pride of India – Excellence in Real Estate Industry”.
Real estate is not just about square feet of constructed space, but is the community of residents that together, make four walls and a ceiling into a home. Similarly, Sustainable Development is all about being eco-friendly, coupled with intelligent usage of natural resources.The Hiranandani Group prides itself on being the first to come up with integrated townships in India which are eco-friendly; and intelligent usage of natural resources is part of the success story.When we look at creation of an integrated township – or, mixed – use township, as we refer to the same in present day – it ia always about making sustainable buildings, with a holistic approach. It is not just about building townships. We ensure that the quality of life of people who live in them gets enhanced. Being ‘Green’ and environment-friendly is part of this vision.I would also take this opportunity to commend Mr. Abhimanyu Ghosh and his colleagues on this initiative which bears testimony to their eminence in business and branding.

Niranjan Hiranandani, MD.Hiranandani Group

“We are very proud for this recognition that an esteemed organization like WCRC has bestowed upon us with their partners KPMG. At Suzlon we strive to bring about social, economic and ecological sustainable development and our brand promise of powering a greener tomorrow underlines that philosophy. We are thankful to organizations like WCRC who help take our brand and therefore this message to a larger audience. “

– Dharini Mishra (Gobal Head of Brand, Suzlon Group)

“A platform which recognizes the emerging brands like us, is not only motivating but also encourages us to excel.”

Neha Sangwan (Marketing Director, Fast Trax Food Pvt. Ltd.)

“Asia’s Most Promising is a unique platform where some of the best of minds in the business will converge and discuss brands that have enormous potential to be the super powers of tomorrow. We are happy to be associated with the esteemed Asia’s Most Promising, which will also give us an opportunity to reach out to a wider audience.”

– Mr. Neelesh Bhatnagar, CEO, Emax

“It is our pleasure to be part of a constellation of some of the most prestigious brands in Asia. We see this is a great opportunity to be encouraged to work harder while being recognised for our efforts and awarded for our actions. We would like to thank the esteemed panel of judges for nominating us as one of the most promising brands in Asia. We look forward to participating at such a distinguished event aimed at bringing together visionary brands and leaders across Asia on a single platform.”

– Dr. B R Shetty, Founder & CEO, NMC Healthcare, MD & CEO, UAE Exchange.

“I thank you for recognizing me and my work in the healthcare sector at the WE Awards ceremony held recently. Thanks for the Award!!
I am equally overwhelmed seeing myself featured exclusively in your magazine. It was indeed a pleasure going through the same. I am happy to see the way our journey towards the making of Indus and the growth story till now has been put down in words. Your magazine cover page was designed just apt to the message for the women of today. The layout and the articles covered are surely a source of motivation for many women who are looking for one chance to make it big someday.

I wish to applaud your editorial team to bring forward my thoughts beautifully for the readers”.
Kanchan Naikawad,Founder Indus Health Plus

“Asia’s 100 Best & Fastest Growing Private Education Institutes’ award ceremony conceptualised, organized and executed by WCRC was wonderfully managed and delivered. A unique and eye opening concept, the awards seemed fair and just. I wish them all the very best in their future endeavours”.

Abhay Gupta,Founder Promoter & CEO,Luxury Connect LLP

“It was a great pleasure attending the “Asian Education Excellence Summit 2014″ and the launch of WCRC Leaders Asia magazine’s special edition – Asia’s 100 Best and Fastest Growing Private Education Institutes.Being a part of the above said Summit was a great experience. In fact it was a great initiative and platform for all the speakers to put for their ideas and views on the growing Education Industry.
Keep up the good work”.

Anita Malhotra,Principal, Lotus Valley International School,Gurgaon

“On 9 January 2014, I participated in the Asian Education Excellence Summit 2014, hosted by the World Consulting & Research Corporation. I was rewarded for the time I invested in the Summit. The panel discussions were timely and the participants expert on the issues of the day, albeit with different backgrounds and experiences. I had many opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with colleagues, as there was ample time allocated for networking. The venue was fitting for the type of event and the number of participants. In whole, the Summit was organized and managed professionally. I am glad that I participated.

Philip H. Lundberg,Senior VP – Campus Director,Modi Academy Group

“I on behalf of the JIS Group had enjoyed the participation at the “Asian Education Excellence Summit 2014″ and launch of WCRC leaders Asia magazine special edition – Asia’s 100 Best and Fastest Growing Private Education Institutes which took place at ITC Sheraton, Saket on January 9, 2014.
My overall experience associating with WCRC platform is really encouraging as also promising. Such type of programme is really acknowledging the workmanship to establish education initiatives by the promoter of Private Educational institutes whether Primary, Secondary, or Higher.”

Prof Alok Kumar Das,Director, JIS Group

“It is a very good initiative being taken by WCRC to promote education in our country. It was a privilege to be a part of such a great show and I wish all the success for such similar endeavours to be taken by WCRC in future on behalf of the APG family”.

Priyanka Goyal,Executive Directive,APG Shimla University

“My heartiest congratulations to WCRC on their new venture in India. It was a heartening experience to be a part of your launch as well as the awards for the education sector. Education is an integral part of the growth of any economy and WCRC has done a commendable job by recognising those institutes who have been dedicated to imparting the best knowledge to the future generations of India. It is always encouraging to have your hard work recognised to provide motivation to do an even better job in future. Thank you again WCRC and KPMG for choosing us as “One of the fastest growing private educational Institutes in Fashion technology”.
All the best! And keep doing great work.

Vani Bajaj,Chief Mentor,International College of Financial Planning.

“We heartily congratulate WCRC on successfully holding the WCRC Leaders Asia Awards 2013 at New Delhi. It was our privilege to be a part of the lovely evening and having won the award as one of Asia’s 100 Best & Fastest Growing Private Education Institutes, for two of our educational institutes viz Durgadevi Saraf Institute of Management Studies and Mainadevi Bajaj International School. We thank you and your team for a well organised show and for creating such a platform where the efforts of educational institutions are recognised and honored. We also offer our heartfelt thanks to the members of the jury and the Process Advisors & Evaluators, KPMG in India for having selected our institutions to receive this honour”.
My best wishes to you all for the next edition of the Awards.

Ashok M Saraf,Managing Director,Sarex

“It was a great show. It was truly a great assembly of the top educationists in the country, and World Consulting & Research Corporation is to be complimented to have organised such a meet. I am sure that such initiatives that bring the top academia together and felicitates them, would go a long way”.
I wish WCRC all the best for its future endeavours..

Dr G. Gopalakrishnan,Rector, Dr MGR University

“It was indeed an honour and privilege to witness the “Asian Education Excellence Summit 2014” and also the launch ceremony of WCRC leaders Asia magazine’s special issue – “Asia’s 100 best and fastest growing private education institutes” at ITC Sheraton, Saket, New Delhi on January 9,2014.
The panel discussion on the occasion was excellent. It reflected the intellectual depth not only of the panelists but also of other participants”.
Such functions promote healthy academic competition and show the direction for future course of action. Thus the platform provided by WCRC was very appropriate, relevant and promising. The contents and presentation of ‘WCRC Leaders Asia’ are wonderful. Overall, it was a unique and very rich experience.

Prof. (Dr.) RC Sharma,Vice Chancellor,Amity University Gurgaon

“Let me congratulate Abhimanyu Ghosh and the entire WCRC Leaders Asia team for conceiving the novel idea of bringing key players from the private education space under one roof and recognising them for their contribution. The discussion topics and panelists were rightfully chosen to provide insights on issues relevant in the current dynamics of education sector as a whole. Overall, it was a wonderful experience to be a part of the event. I look forward to the next edition of WCRC’s initiative in the education space.

Ashutosh Khurana,Co-founder & CEO,Mind Edutainment Pvt. Ltd.

“WCRC Leaders, the only pan Asia magazine which covers the leaders from South Asia, South East Asia and GCC, has a passionate team of experts with their in-depth research, knowledge and innovation. With its proactive approach in providing quality service to its clients, it creates a platform for leaders for the next level of growth. The magazine targets not only leaders but also the policy makers and institutions with its broad range of expertise in providing insightful analyses to help leaders take a leap into the global world in different domains. It is commendable that WCRC is engaged in strengthening the Education sector as well. On behalf of the entire Ryan Group, it is my pleasure to congratulate the WCRC team for their impressive and laudable efforts to foster world leaders through values, ethics and spirit of innovation. It has been great to be associated with WCRC Leaders magazine. We wish them growth and success in their endeavours to bring quality and deliver leadership values in South Asia, South East Asia and GCC”.

Ryan Pinto,CEO, Ryan International Group of Institutions

“This award by WCRC is a proof of our commitment towards providing excellent education across domains. Thank you, WCRC, for giving us the platform to showcase our vision towards better tomorrow”.

Prof. KN Tripathi,Vice Chancellor, KR Mangalam University

“An award like this encourages and motivates all the new institutes like ours to constantly keep working to improve the standard of education in our country. We appreciate this great initiative by WCRC Leaders and Best Wishes to the team”.

Aarti Sehwag,Chairperson, Sehwag International School


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