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Margo soap in India does not need any introduction. Margo, a household name across India, has been in production since 1920. Neem, which has been a part of the Indian tradition for ages and is known as an anti-bacterial agent, is an important ingredient of Margo soap. Margo soap with neem’s unique anti-bacterial properties went on to establish a trusted name in curing and preventing several ailments. It has been a very popular toilet soap brand and has been positioned as an anti-bacterial skincare product with neem oil as its core ingredient.

Margo soap helps the regular user get a clear and healthy skin. In 2009, Margo was relaunched with milder fragrance and more lather. The product has been an hit since its launch. The new Margo with more attractive and sleeker packaging has been modelled for the youth looking for ‘complete skincare’. The new Margo has been positioned as a regular use brand, toning down the strong herbal fragrance to help shed the medicinal image. This adds more value to the product, making it more appealing for the consumers looking for a more versatile soap.

The flagship product of Margo, Original Neem, now comes with added vitamin-E moisturiser. The right mix of antioxidants and vitamin E in the soap helps restore a youthful glow to the dry and damaged skin and helps balance the skin tone. In 2010, Margo Nutri Care was launched. The loyal consumer base of Margo made it one of the widely known brands in the Indian market. Some 96 ingredients go into the making of the soap, in what forms a unique formulation.

Margo, launched by Calcutta Chemicals, during the Swadeshi Movement, was acquired by Henkel India in 1999. The acquisition by an international brand like Henkel further enhanced its national and global edge over its competitors. The fact that the young generation is going back to their roots, herbal products and neem in particular are on a comeback trail.

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